i would like to have a baby

If you would like to have a baby it is important to prepare yourself well. You may make a prefertilisation appointment.

We ask you to complete the questionnaire on pregnancy. You may download the result and send it on to praktijk@verloskundigen-weesp.nl

During the consult we will go through the questionnaire with you and we will give you appropriate hints and advice on eg. lifestyle and the use of medication. The healthier you are the better your pregnancy will be.

At the start of a healthy pregnancy you are advised to use folic acid. Start taking this preferably four weeks before getting pregnant, so a month before you stop the use of contraceptives.Take this medication till you have been expecting for at least 10 weeks. It will decrease the chance of a congenital disorder such as spinabifida or cleft palate. If you don't succeed in getting pregnant immediately, continue to take folic acid. It is no problem taking this vitamine for some months.


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