i am pregnant

Your first appointment
with the midwife

It is very exciting to make your first appointment (booking appointment) with your midwife and we will explain here what to expect.

It would be a good thing if your partner could join you on this first appointment, which will often be after approx 8 to 10 weeks pregnancy. If not, you could come with your mother or best friend, whatever you prefer. Of course you can always come on your own.

In general, during this appointment she/he will interview you and /or do an ultrasound. This interview will take about 40 mins. Please take an ID, insurance card and any information on a previous pregnancy or delivery, with you. Beforehand our assistant has taken down all the basic data, check your blood pressure and calculate/measure your BMI.

During this interview we will get to know each other and an initial screening will be done of your health. The midwife will ask questions about your health in general, hereditary diseases, life style and previous pregnancies/deliveries if there were any.

Besides the midwife will inform you, if you wish, on prenatal tests and screening. Those are not obligatory but the choice is up to you..

There are two different screenings:

  • Screening on Down, Edwards and Pataus syndrom. These will take place in early pregnancy. You may choose between a combination test and a NIPT.

  • An Ultrasound after 20 weeks to check for any physical defects.

Follow up visits:

The following visits will take approx 10-15 mins.

Your partner is welcome any time, you are free to come both or on your own. What ever suits you best.

During those follow up visits our assistant will check your blood pressure and check your weight. Then a date for the next appointment will be scheduled. After that you will see the midwife. She will ask you how your are feeling and she will answer your questions. She will also give you any relevant information you may need in this stage.

On every follow up visit your midwife will check your abdomen and ascertain whether the uterus and your baby grow normally.

She will also check the baby's heartbeat with a doptone. Further on during your pregnancy she will assess the baby's position.

Check up schedule:

  • intake and first ultrasound after 10 weeks

  • 2nd check up: 14 weeks

  • 16-24 weeks every 4 weeks

  • 24-30 weeks every 3 weeks

  • 30-36 weeks every 2 weeks

  • 36-42 weeks every week

Blood tests during your pregnancy:

At the beginning of your pregnancy a blood sample will be taken. If you don't opt for a NIPT this can be done at our practice. This sample is part of a nationwide screening to exclude any serious diseases in unborn children or newborn children. Your blood sample will be tested for:

  • Blood group

  • Rhesus D or C

  • antibodies to foreign blood groups

  • Hb level

  • Infectious diseases

After 30 weeks (or 28 if you are rhesus D or C neg.)a new blood sample will be taken to determine the iron level or iron content in your blood. This has to be done after 20 weeks of pregnancy if you got pregnant within a year after you gave birth to a baby.

Ultrasounds during your pregnancy:

In general an ultrasound will be carried out through the abdomen. It is a help if your bladder contains some urine. But if you have been pregnant for less than 10 weeks or your uterus is tucked away in your abdomen, an internal ultrasound will be done through your vagina. It is not painful, harmless for the pregnancy.

  • After 10 weeks of pregnancy there will be a periodical ultrasound. With this ultrasound the heartbeat will be checked and the midwife will determine how long you have been pregnant for. She will give you your due date.

  • After having been pregnant for 20 weeks a SEO will be done, if you wish. Your baby will be checked for any congenital defects. Any questions?

  • After 36 weeks we will do an ultrasound to assess the baby's position, whether the head is pointing downwards.

The above mentioned ultrasounds will be paid for by your health insurance. They will take place in our practice. The 20 weeks ultrasound will be done in a specialised ultrasound centre.

If there is any reason to do extra ultrasounds ( if the midwife has doubt about the growth of your abdomen eg.) this may result in an indication to do an extra ultrasound. This will also be paid for by your health insurance company.

If you wish to have extra ultrasounds without any medical indication eg. to determine the baby's sex at 16 weeks, you may make an appointment at your own cost. We can do this in our practice.

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