i am about to give birth

If you have any worries, anxiety or doubts. call us on our emergency number day or night:

06 - 22 97 27 18

When to call when I'm in in labour

We always want you to call day and night, if:

  • you haven't been pregnant for 37 weeks and experience regular painful spasms or contractions, more than a few times per hour.

  • You should also call us if you haven't been pregnant for 37 weeks and there is loss of blood or loss of amniotic fluid, if you have had painful contractions for over an hour at a frequency of <5 mins and which last 60 secs.

  • If you loose amniotic fluid and the baby's head wasn't pointing downwards at the previous check up or the baby hasn't settled in the pelvis. Lie down immediately.

  • You lose amniotic fluid which colour isn't clear, but brownish, greenish or yellowish.

  • If you loose more bright red blood than just a few drops.

Please call during daytime when

  • After 37 weeks your water breaks, the baby's head is in the right position and has settled in the pelvis and the amniotic fluid is clear.

  • You feel less movements of the baby than before. More information?

  • If you experience pain in your upper abdomen, have a headache, feel sick or see stars or experience a general feeling of being unwell.

Where should I give birth?

If you haven't experienced any complications during your pregnancy and there are no medical indications, you have a choice of where to give birth. It is very important that you and your partner feel comfortable with the location.

Home birth:

If you choose a Home birth it is important that it should be safe. Therefore we request you to observe the conditions mentioned below:

  • You should be registered with a maternity help agency, so there will be a maternity nurse available to assist us during the delivery.

  • You should have a maternity box at home, which usually will be given to you by your insurance company when you haven been pregnant for 8 months.

  • Your bed should be in a suitable place so we can move around your bed and a stretcher could be easily get into and out of your house in case of emergency. ( so it shouldn't have to go up or downstairs a narrow staircase or such). If in doubt, ask your midwife.

Hospital birth:

If you prefer a hospital birth without any medical reasons, we call that outpatient delivery. It means as if you rent the delivery room in a hospital and your own midwife will assist the delivery together with a maternity help or nurse.

We assist outpatient deliveries in the following hospitals”Tergooi Ziekenhuis Blaricum; UMC Amsterdam (location Meibergdreef), or OLVG-Oost.

We prefer to choose the Tergooi Ziekenhuis in Blaricum, as this is a regional hospital and we have a priority there. Moreover a delivery bath is avaiable there. We have no problem if you prefer the UMC Amsterdam(Meibergdreef) or the OLVG-Oost of course.

The moment the delivery is due we will contact the hospital you prefer and ask them for availability. But as we are not part of the Amsterdam region we have no priority in their hospitals and are dependent on the availability of their delivery room.

If the hopital you prefer is not available we will find an alternative solution together with you.

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